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Modern breathwork has transformed a tool of liberation to a fundamental pillar of health. 
It is a multidimensional and constantly evolving field that has recently taken centre stage in the health conversation.
We are living in a time of uncertainty and rapid change. Old contracts, ideas, beliefs, and ways of living are no longer serving us. 
We are being invited to re-evaluate the ways in which we are relating to ourselves, our bodies, to each other and to nature. We are challenged to rewire ourselves and our society to hold highly charged currents of our world. 
We are called on to cultivate deeper capacities of compassion, creativity, and connection. 
Conscious breathing is one of the most powerful tools to support this. It is a tool of awareness, embodiment and integration that is accessible and available to every person on the planet, regardless if culture, gender, religion, race, nationality, language, level of education or social class.
Our respiratory system is remarkable in that it is both an unconscious part of our autonomic nervous system, but also under our conscious control. 
Every psychological, emotional, and physiological state has a corresponding breathing pattern or quality, which for the part we are not aware. 
Our habits of thinking, feeling and behaviour are reflected in out habits of breathing that develop over time.
Simply by bringing our conscious awareness to our unconscious breathing habits, we are giving ourselves an opportunity to change the way we think, feel and behave.
In other words, by changing our breathing pattern, we can change our state of being.
By making conscious breathing a part of our lives, eventually we can re-pattern our breath to its natural state, so that it not only supports optimal health, but brings steadiness to the mind and access to our inner creative resources.
Most of us have developed sub-optimal breathing patterns that have been influenced by inherited trauma, our birth experience, our diet, previous injuries, medication, technology, clothing, and chronic pain, just to name a few.
This sub-optimal breathing has a significant impact on every aspect of our body’s functioning.
It can trigger exacerbate anxiety, premature ageing, inefficient digestion, and slow metabolism.
When our cellular respiration becomes inefficient, we increase the likelihood of many diseases and illnesses, and we reduce the overall quality of life.
We can look at breath as an untapped resource.
The transformation of the autonomic physical process to a conscious focused purposeful action has many benefits.
Breathwork balances the rhythm of energy and recovery by creating harmony and flow between the sympathetic nervous system, which is the energy state and the parasympathetic system, which supports restoration and recovery.
The delicate balance of the branches of the autonomic nervous system is what is necessary for the optimum functioning of the body mind system.
Modern life has cased most of us to be locked in a way of breathing that is reflective of excessive adrenalised energy or what we term ‘sympathetic overdrive’.
Breathing optimally helps us to shift out of inflammatory states, activating and supporting the body’s innate wisdom, by generating authentic energy vs. adrenalised energy.
Healthy breathing habits support the body’s natural ability to heal, repair and recover.
Breathwork is also an invaluable tool in the field of mental and emotional health.
The range of practices helps bring awareness to habits of thinking, feeling and behaviour that impact on our mental health, giving us an opportunity to transform them and cultivate an open-hearted resilience and robust vulnerability.

Breathwork Fees:

This treatment combines a meditation with breathwork.
60min @ R 800
90min @ R 1200



Healing Benefits of breathwork

. Reduces stress and anxiety
. Increases energy and boosts the immune system
. Lowers blood pressure and improves circulation
. Helps manage pain
. Strengthens the lungs
. Improves mood and self-esteem
. Releases toxins
. Improves sleep
. Helps manage depression
. Increase muscle tone
. Helps heal from trauma and manage PTSD 
. Improves digestion
. Helps overcome addictions
. Improves focus
. Increases creativity
A collection of breathing exercises developed by ancient yogis for purification, mental focus rejuvenation, and healing.
Prana translates in to “life force energy”, and Yama translates into “control or matter of”.
Thus, pranayama is a breathing technique used to control, cultivate, and modify the amount , quality, and direction of vital energy in the body.
It is often defined simply as “breath control” and is a primary component in a traditional yoga practice.
Conscious Breathing”
Involves bringing conscious awareness towards your breathing then altering it deliberately to achieve a desired outcome.
Also known as controlled breathing, conscious breathing can help us recognise our response towards stressors and emotions, enabling us to manage our stress in abetter manner, thus preventing conditions like burnout, anxiety and depression. 

"The magic of breathwork allows us to surrender to the moment and move through everything that is not real."

- Dr. Kaisa Coppola

"Breathwork is the most essential component to transforming consciousness."

- Dr. Andrew Weil

"Every breath is like a little rebirth, a renaissance that can only be celebrated if we recognise that it's happening."

- Cristen Rodgers